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Bear BnB

Virtual Staged Reading ALAP  Drama Pajama Play Festival 2020

Snow White From Queens

Virtual Staged Reading Infinite Jest Theatre Company 2020

Best Friends Forever

Full Length 

Virtual Table Read Genre Blast Film Festival 2020

Best Friends Forever short play

One Act Festival Silver Spring Stage 2019

Acting Out INK Fest 2019

Reading Writing Out Loud Moving Arts Theatre  2016


Power of Darkness 

First Stab Festival II Staged Readings:Wicked Lit, Unbound Productions July 2018


Company Christmas 

Staged Reading Bechdel Film Festival 2018

Staged Reading Moving Arts Theatre  2017


The Rifle

First Stab Festival Staged Readings:Mystery Lit, Unbound Productions July 2017


At Your Disposal

Scary Shorts: City Theatre, Miami Florida October 2017

O'Shadowfest: Battle Royale of One-Act Plays, Offending Shadows Theater, April 2016

Pause & Play: Fears The Poet Acts in September in New York City, September 2014.

Bride of Simian Showcase, Monkeyman Productions in Toronto, Canada, April, 2014.


You've Got Text

Hour Twelve: December Edition The Pack Theatre December 2016.


House Rules

Fall Shorts Whitefire Theatre, Sherman Oaks, California September 2018

O'Shadowfest II: The Quickening,  Offending Shadows Theater, August 2016

Silver Spring Stage 2015 One Act Festival, Silver Spring, Md. August 2015.



See, Hear, Taste, and Touch: An Evening of One Acts, The Modern Day Griot, in NYC, March 2016


The Muffin Conundrum

Echo Reads, Echo Theatre, Dallas Theatre March 2016


The Proposal

See,Hear,Taste,and Touch: Evening of One Acts,The Modern Day Griot Greatest Hits, NYC Feb 2015.

See, Hear, Taste, and Touch: Evening of One Acts, The Modern Day Griot, NYC, March 2014.


There's Something About Flashdance  

co-written with Henry Franco

Pick of the Vine at Little Fish theatre San Pedro Ca, Jan 2015.

Rollercoaster, Edinboro University Diebold Center for the Performing Arts, Aug 2014. 

Summer Shorts:An Evening of Ten minute Comedies, Whitefire Theatre, Sherman Oaks, Ca, June 2014


The Audition

co-written with Henry Franco 

Winter Shorts at the White fire Theatre, Jan- Feb 2015


The Grand Bedazzler

co-written with Henry Franco

BCT's 30th One Act Festival  Bakersfield, California May 2017

Paw Paw Village Players Paw Paw Michigan Feb 2015

Hollywood Zombies

Staged Screenplay Reading Gotham Screen International Film Festival 2012

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